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The information about all the special days you need to help you plan your calendar are listed below. 
ENVISIONS will be presenting a scholarship to a  Manheim Township graduating senior in the spring.  One of the qualifications for the scholarship is that the student attended the ENVISIONS childcare program sometime during their time as a Manheim Township student.

We encourage all graduating seniors who attended ENVISIONS and will be continuing their education beyond high school to consider applying for the ENVISIONS scholarship.  Seniors should contact the high school guidance office for a scholarship application.

Best wishes to all seniors as they complete their high school education.
School Year  & Summer Camp Programs 

February - 2024
2 - Friday NO SCHOOL DAY
16 - Friday NO SCHOOL DAY
19 - Monday NO SCHOOL DAY
23 - Friday PAYMENT #7 DUE

March - 2024
8 - Friday NO SCHOOL DAY
11- Monday NO SCHOOL DAY
22 - Friday PAYMENT #8 DUE
29 - Friday NO SCHOOL DAY

April - 2024
1 - Monday NO SCHOOL DAY
19 - Friday PAYMENT #9 DUE

WEATHER---EMERGENCY---UNSCHEDULED EVENTS---ENVISIONS program schedules and locations are often affected by MTSD decisions concerning weather/emergency events.

LATE START CARE (snow, etc.) ---on delayed school starts as determined by MTSD, if conditions allow, the ENVISIONS before school program will BEGIN AT 8AM.  Please remember that on a late start day, MTSD staff will be working to remove snow when your child arrives for care. For 
the safety of everyone, we ask that you assess and understand the risk factors of road and parking lot conditions. We ask you to be extra careful 
to avoid accidents and respect the snow removal process.

UNSCHEDULED EARLY SCHOOL CLOSURE (snow, etc.) ---on unscheduled early school closures as determined by MTSD, ENVISIONS WILL ALSO CLOSE.  ENVISIONS will close the same time MTSD closes and NO AFTER SCHOOL CARE will be offered.   Parents/Guardians are responsible for securing their child’s transportation home and should have a plan in place when an unscheduled early school closure occurs. This plan should be shared with the appropriate school district staff at your child's school. Credit will be issued where applicable. 

UNSCHEDULED SCHOOL CLOSED DAYS (snow, etc.) ---on unscheduled full cancellation of a school day as determined by MTSD. 
ENVISIONS IS ALSO CLOSED.  Credit will be issued where applicable.