Our Message
  ENVISIONS provides a safe and fun environment for my children.  Being right in my child's school is so convenient. The programs are excellent and the staff is outstanding. I don't know what I would do without their reliable service and at a reasonable cost.  We are fortunate to have ENVISIONS available to our family.----ENVISIONS Parent
Dear Parents & Guardians,

  WELCOME TO SCHOOL YEAR 2023-2024.  All of us at ENVISIONS would like to make this a successful school year for your child. Your active support and cooperation, combined with our best professional efforts, will ensure a wonderful year for all our children. We are proud of the programs we offer and we feel fortunate to have a dedicated and talented staff.

  We encourage open and frequent communication between you and our staff. When you share information about significant events in your home, it can help our staff decide how best to meet your child's changing needs. Conferences may be requested at any time and will be scheduled as quickly as possible.

  Each school year we ask parents to provide us with an evaluation covering all aspects of the programs we offer. The information and suggestions we receive are reviewed and used to make practical changes and additions to our programs. Parent views can be valuable for shaping our programs and policies. We use surveys and evaluations to improve our programs and sincerely appreciate your input.

  We encourage you to introduce yourself to us and ask questions about anything that concerns you. We look forward to working together with you this school year.