Our Message
  ENVISIONS provides a safe and fun environment for my children.  Being right in my child's school is so convenient. The programs are excellent and the staff is outstanding. I don't know what I would do without their reliable service and at a reasonable cost.  We are fortunate to have ENVISIONS available to our family.----ENVISIONS Parent
Dear Parents & Guardians,

     SUMMER CAMP 2018 preparations have begun and our camp REGISTRATION MATERIALS are now available. Our summer camp theme will be . . . . . "DREAMS, SCHEMES, & FLYING MACHINES"

    Camp begins June 18th and continues to August 17th.  This summer we are offering 9 weeks of camp and families can choose all 9 weeks, a minimum of 3 weeks, or any number from 3 to 9 weeks.

    One of the awesome advantages ENVISIONS offers is a great deal of flexibility and the weeks chosen do not need to be consecutive.  For example, you could choose weeks #1-3-5-9 if that is best for your family.  In addition, we have 3-4-5 day per week options which can also be full or partial days.  Our flexibility allows you to "customize" our services to meet your family needs.  The cost can equate to as low as $3.44/hr. depending on your care choices and payment option.

    This summer we invite your child to enjoy our Summer of Dreams, Schemes, & Flying Machines.  Join us as we Dream in Technicolor, attempt Record Breaking Schemes, explore Ingenius Inventions, and enjoy Schemes of Fun! 

    Parent 2018 Summer Camp Handbooks and School Year 2018-2019 registration materials are now available.  Please call 717-569-0796 or email us at envisions3@mtwp.net to request handbooks and registration materials.  Materials can be quickly emailed to you if your choose the email option.

    We look forward to a great time with your child this summer.  Early registration ends 5/16/18.  Camp space is limited.